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Retirement Gratuity Calculator for Central Government Employees

If you are a Central Government Employee approaching retirement, it’s important to understand how your retirement gratuity is calculated. Gratuity is the sum paid by an employer to an employee in recognition of their service to the company. As per regulations, employees who have completed at least five years of service are eligible for gratuity. If you are disabled due to an injury or illness, you can claim gratuity before completing five years. The retirement gratuity amount is calculated based on your salary and the number of years you’ve worked for the company.

Calculation of Retirement Gratuity

The formula for gratuity calculations differs depending on whether your employer is covered under the Gratuity Act. For employees whose employer is covered under the Gratuity Act, the calculation formula is Gratuity = nb15 / 26. For those whose employer is not covered under the Gratuity Act, the formula is Gratuity = nb15 / 30. Here, n represents the tenure of your service, and b represents your last drawn basic salary and dearness allowance.

Eligibility for Retirement Gratuity

To be eligible for retirement gratuity, you must satisfy specific criteria. You must have completed the minimum service period of five years, or you should be eligible for superannuation, or you should have resigned after completing five years of service with the same employer. In the event of an employee’s death, the gratuity amount will be given to the nominee chosen by the employee. If an employee suffers from a disability caused by an illness or accident, they can claim gratuity before completing five years of service.

Retirement Gratuity Calculator

To calculate your retirement gratuity, use our Retirement Gratuity Calculator for Central Government Employees. The calculator automatically calculates total service years and months and displays them in the input fields. Enter your monthly salary, including basic pay and dearness allowance, and the calculator will determine the gratuity amount for employees under the Gratuity Act and those not covered under it. With our Retirement Gratuity Calculator, you can plan for your retirement and understand the benefits you’re entitled to as a Central Government Employee.

Minimum qualifying service 5 Years
Retirement gratuity formula  1/4th of a month’s Basic Pay plus Dearness Allowance drawn on the date of retirement for each completed six monthly period of qualifying service.
Maximum amount of gratuity  Rs. 20 lakhs.
Qualifying service  Maximum of 33 years (16½ Half Years)

Gratuity Calculation Formula

The formula for calculating gratuity is based on the employee’s basic pay and dearness allowance. It involves multiplying 15 days’ wages by the number of years worked and dividing this by 26 days. When an employee retires, their gratuity is calculated using their basic pay plus dearness allowance earned every six months. This is done at a rate of 1/4th of a month’s pay, with no minimum limit on the gratuity amount.

Calculation of Gratuity = [ (Basic Pay + Dearness Allowance) x 15 days x Number of Years of Service ] / 26 Days.

7th Pay Commission Gratuity Calculation Formula

The calculation method for gratuity under the 7th Pay Commission involves using a formula that considers factors such as the individual’s last salary drawn and length of service. To provide an illustration, suppose one has a basic salary of Rs. 30,000 and has been employed for a continuous period of 7 years with an employer that is not covered under the Gratuity Act. In such a scenario, the gratuity amount would be Rs. 1,05,000, which can be obtained by using the formula: (15 * last drawn salary * working tenure) / 30.

How do you calculate gratuity 15 26 or 15 30?

Additionally, there are certain laws and benefits in place for employees, such as minimum wage and the possibility of receiving superannuation. Upon reaching 60 years of age, retirement is an option and having worked for a continuous period of five or seven years can factor into gratuity payments. In addition, health insurance may be offered by the employer. It’s important to note that in the absence of gratuity, legal recourse for unpaid wages is limited to suing the employer. The formula for gratuity depends on the total number of years served and the last drawn salary, where gratuity = A x B x 15/26 (15 representing wages for 15 days and 26 representing the total number of days in a month).

Retirement Age of Transport Employees will be 58: Minister informs Assembly

Transport Minister Sivashankar recently announced that the retirement age for transport corporation drivers and conductors in Tamil Nadu will be reduced from 60 to 58. This decision was made after a study conducted in Chennai workshops revealed that many drivers and conductors suffer from infectious diseases due to long working hours and prefer to retire earlier. The Chief Minister has given approval for this change, which will be implemented soon. During a Legislative Assembly debate on the transport department’s subsidy request, members of the AIADMK party criticized the current transport corporations and pointed out employment disparities during DMK and AIADMK rule. However, Minister Sivashankar assured the sector is progressing and reaffirmed the government’s commitment to revitalizing schemes.