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Chadrashtama Day Calendar 2023
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Chandrashtama Days with Calendar 2023

In Indian culture, Chandrashtama Days hold immense significance. These days fall under the Nakshatras and Rasis (moon signs) of Shukla Paksha or Krishna Paksha. People born on these days are believed to be prone to bad luck and misfortune due to the influence of Chandrashtam. Thus, it is considered best to avoid starting new ventures or long-term goals during this period, as per popular superstitions. Despite the lack of evidence supporting its negative reputation, many families continue to follow this custom.

The foundation of astrology lies in the twelve zodiac signs and twenty-seven Nakshatras. Janma Nakshatra, the governing star at the time of one’s birth, is determined by the Nakshatra in effect then. Worshiping the guardian angel believed to represent each star can bring luck and success. To help you plan your year, we have provided the lunar days for 12 Rasis and 27 Nakshatras in 2023.

Chandrashtama is a revered word in Hinduism as one’s life prospects are believed to be determined by their birth time and zodiac sign. On someone’s Chandrashtamam day, it is considered inauspicious to make significant decisions or hold momentous occasions. This day occurs when the Moon travels through the 8th house from one’s Moon sign, taking around two and a half days to transition between moon signs. Therefore, Chandrashtama days are considered unlucky for starting any initiatives.

To help you plan your year, we have provided a full list of Chandrashtama dates in 2023 based on zodiac sign and Nakshatra. You can also easily determine the day’s Chandrashtama by using the Chandrashtama Calculator 2023. Simply enter the date, and the calculator will display the details of the Chandrashtama applicable for that day’s Nakshatra. If you find any inaccuracies, kindly inform us in the comments section.

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