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DR Arrears Calculator 2023

DR Arrears Calculator January 2023
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D.R. (Dearness Relief) Arrears Calculator Jan 2023

The DA and DR Arrears Calculator from January 2023 can benefit Central Government Employees and Pensioners. In March 2023, the Finance Ministry will issue a revised rate of Dearness Allowance with a 4% increase, which will be paid alongside their salary. The tool has also been updated to consider 42 percent of DA and DR with arrears for January and February, which will be paid separately.

The DR Arrears Calculator Jan 2023 will be useful for pensioners and family pensioners, who will receive separate payments for Dearness Relief arrears in April. It is important to verify the increased DR amount with the pension amount in the bank account on March 31, 2023. For instance, a pensioner with a basic pension of Rs. 24500 will receive an additional Rs. 980 (4% of 24500) on their monthly pension amount. Stay informed about the DA and DR Arrears Calculator from January 2023 to ensure you receive the correct pension amount.

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