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First Month Salary Calculator for Central Govt Employees

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First Monthly Gross and In-Hand Salary Online Calculator in India

In India, after completing their education, a large number of young people are mainly interested in securing government jobs that match their educational qualifications. Both state and central government job opportunities are highly coveted, with every 1000 vacancies often attracting multiple job applications. This preference for government jobs is due to the assurance of a steady salary. Government employees in India receive a reasonable monthly salary and an annual salary increment of three times, with a pay commission review, implemented once a decade to reassess pay and benefits. These reasons explain the vigorous pursuit of government vacancies by young job seekers. To assist individuals in exploring their options and estimating their initial monthly salary for various central government posts, we have developed an online tool. The TEUT Calculator features a search tool that enables users to select their preferred state and city from a drop-down menu.

Type of Calculator Salary Calculator
Name of Calculator First Month Salary Calculator
Beneficiaries Central Govt Employees
Pay Commission As per the 7th CPC
Dearness Allowance 42% of Basic Salary (W.E.F. 1.1.2023)
House Rent Allowance 27%, 18%, 9% (X, Y, Z Class Cities)
Transport Allowance As per Pay Level and City Classification

Pay Fixation in New Pay Structure

One who appoints in Central Government service at any post, he will be fixed at the minimum basic salary of his post/grade. The 7th Pay Commission’s new pay structure was implemented on 1.1.2016. The new pay structure of the ‘Pay Matrix Table’ is continued up to the implementation of the next 8th Pay Commission. The pay level, basic salary, and allowances are also indicated in the recruitment notification. Initially, all aspirants are well-known about the pay level and basic salary of the post to which applying!

Initial Basic Salary of Levels 1 to 18

The table below displays the initial salary range for Central Government Service roles at levels 1 to 18. The starting salary for Level-1 is Rs. 18,000-56,900, while the highest salary at Level-18 is a fixed amount of Rs. 250,000 per month.

Pay Level Pay Range
Pay Level-1 18000-56900
Pay Level-2 19900-63200
Pay Level-3 21700-69100
Pay Level-4 25500-81100
Pay Level-5 29200-92300
Pay Level-6 35400-112400
Pay Level-7 44900-142400
Pay Level-8 47600-151100
Pay Level-9 53100-167800
Pay Level-10 56100-177500
Pay Level-11 67700-208700
Pay Level-12 78800-209200
Pay Level-13 123100-215900
Pay Level-13A 131100-216600
Pay Level-14 144200-218200
Pay Level-15 182200-224100
Pay Level-16 205400-224400
Pay Level-17 225000
Pay Level-18 250000

Pay Matrix Level Basic Salary

  • The basic salary for central government employees at pay level 1 (1800 Grade Pay), as recommended by the 7th pay commission, is Rs. 18000.
  • The 7th pay commission recommended a basic salary of Rs. 35400 for central government employees with pay level 6 (4200 Grade Pay). The Pay Matrix Level 6 to 9 segment (PB II Grade Pay 4200 to 5400) has multiple stages, with the first stage being at this salary level. Employees who were promoted from Grade Pay 2800 to GP 4200 before 2016 received additional benefits.
  • According to the 7th pay commission’s recommendations, the standard pay rate for central government workers in pay level 10 (with a 5400 Grade Pay) is Rs. 56100.
  • Central government employees at pay level 13 (8700 Grade Pay) can expect a basic salary of Rs. 123100, following recommendations by the 7th pay commission.

First Month Govt Pay Scale Calculator

To determine the first month’s salary for various positions and levels within the Central government, a user-friendly online calculator is provided. Ministry or Department of the Central government issues an official notification for filling up vacant posts, specifying age and educational qualifications necessary for eligible Indian applicants. The notification also specifies the number of vacancies and respective basic salaries for each position. Prospective applicants often seek to know their total and take-home pay upon commencing employment in their preferred role.

The calculation of total salary for two employees in central government services may vary based on the classification of the city for their HRA and Transport allowance, even if they have the same basic salary. Determining the salary package of an individual in central government services is heavily influenced by their designated office location.

Salary Structure in Central Govt after 7th CPC

The salary structure for central government employees underwent significant changes following the implementation of the 7th pay commission. The previous grade pay system was eliminated, and a new pay hierarchy was established for all posts and grades under the name Pay Matrix Table. This table reflects the basic salary and maximum annual increment for up to 40 years. To provide greater clarity, a detailed breakdown of the salary components for central government employees is provided below.

  • Basic Salary: Rs. 18000
  • Dearness Allowance (42%): Rs. 7560
  • House Rent Allowance (9%): Rs. 1800
  • Transport Allowance (Y Class): Rs. 1278
  • Total Salary (Minimum): Rs. 28638

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